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  • Alberta Winter Games Qualifiers

    Congratulations to all fencers who competed Sunday, November 3, for the opportunity to compete in the Alberta Winter Games February 14-16, 2020! The teams are:

    • Zone 5: 
      1. Men's Foil: Haydn Lawrence
      2. Women's Foil: Maggie Chen
      3. Men's Epee: vacant
      4. Women's Epee: Abigail Samuel
      5. Men's Sabre: Erik Ross
      6. Women's Sabre: Emerald Robinson
    • Zone 6:
      1. Men's Foil: Eric Ma
      2. Women's Foil: Annie Duma
      3. Men's Epee: Lin Ma
      4. Women's Epee: Alice Yang
      5. Men's Sabre: Timothy Lu
      6. Women's Sabre: Bronwen Hicks
  • Jujie Luan Wins Silver and Gold

    Edmonton Fencing Club's own Jujie Luan returned to the world fencing stage with silver and gold medal wins in women’s epee and women’s foil 60+, respectively, at the 2018 Veteran World Fencing Championships in Livorno, Italy.

    Early in the week, Luan reached the finals in women’s epee with four wins and one loss in poules. She then defeated Corinne Aubally from France in the 32’s by a score of 10-5.  She won a nail biter in the 16’s by defeating Caroline Rich from the USA 10-9 to advance to the quarter-finals.  There Luan had another tough opponent, number one seed Astrid Kircheis from Germany, and came away with the victory in a score of 10-7.  Luan defeated Adriana Albini from Italy 10-4 in the semi -finals but lost her final to Elizabeth Koceb from the USA 9-4 in the final to take the silver medal in women’s epee.

    In women’s foil 60+, Luan was undefeated in poules and then defeated Christa Zymanski from Germany 3-2 in the 32’s.  She then went on to defeat Germany’s Karin Jansen, 10-7 and Kaoru Amari of Japan, 10-1 to advance to the semi-finals.  Luan continued her unbeaten streak with an 8-4 win against Sheila Anderson of Great Britain and then took gold after defeating Ludmila Chernova from Russia in the final by a score of 3-2.

    “I am very happy to win the 2018 World Championships on the 10th Anniversary of my gold medal win in 2008 (Limoges, France) representing Canada,” Said Luan after the gold medal win.  “It took all of my experience to be victorious because I was so tired after taking the Silver medal in Epee. Now I have to rest because tomorrow I fence with Team Canada in the Woman’s Foil team event and the next day I will fence sabre.”

    Jujie placed 8th in sabre, a weapon she has never competitively fenced before. 

    Many congratulations to Jujie for her victories! 

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  • Youth Olympic Games

    Congratulations to Jane Caulfield, who is currently in Buenos Aires readying to represent Canada in this year's Summer Youth Olympic Games!  Jane has been training with Coach Jujie Luan since she was 8 (9 years!), and her dedication to the sport is continually reflected in her growth as an athlete and skill with her foil.  

    Read about some of her journey here:

    Watch the Youth Olympic Games here: 

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    2018 Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships

    Congratulations to Edmonton Fencing Club fencers Jane Caulfield, Daniel Gu, and Spencer McPhedran on their qualification for 2018 Cadet and Junior World Fencing Championships held in Verona, Italy in April. Good luck EFC fencers!

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Jujie Luan, Head Coach

The EFC is honoured to have had Jujie Luan as its coach since 1989. Jujie is an Olympic gold medallist, four time Olympian, and eight time Canadian national champion. Having competed in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics at age 50, Jujie is truly an inspiration to all who know her. She has over 35 years of fencing expertise and over 25 years of coaching experience. Many athletes have qualified for provincial and national teams, and several for the Olympics, under her tutelage. A wife and mother, Jujie is a favourite among both parents and fencers.

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