The Edmonton Fencing Club combines world class coaching with a friendly training environment. We provide coaching, training and equipment to fencers of all skill levels and offer recreational and competitive streams of fencing.

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  • No Classes July 25 - 29

    Classes resume Tues. Aug. 2.


  • Summer Camps have started!

    Summer Camps have begun and the kids are loving it! Jujie has been teaching them the fundamentals of fencing, while Spencer and Daniel focus more on refining their mechanics and strategy.

    They start each day with some games, before moving onto various fencing exercises. Jujie then gives them individual lessons, building on what they already know. They always end the day tired but still enthusiastic. 

  • First Day of Summer Classes: May 30. Register Now


  • Canadian Nationals: May 2016

    Congratulations to the fencers who participated at Nationals!

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Jujie Luan, Head Coach

The EFC is honoured to have had Jujie Luan as its coach since 1989. Jujie is an Olympic gold medallist, four time Olympian, and eight time Canadian national champion. Having competed in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics at age 50, Jujie is truly an inspiration to all who know her. She has over 35 years of fencing expertise and over 25 years of coaching experience. Many athletes have qualified for provincial and national teams, and several for the Olympics, under her tutelage. A wife and mother, Jujie is a favourite among both parents and fencers.

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